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Student Representative Council


Our existence as a council derives its mandate from the student populace who, through the ballot, have entrusted us with the gigantic responsibility of championing the needs, challenges and aspirations of all students. We have adopted the Right to Learn campaign as our program of action to advance our manifesto.

Coincidentally, we assumed office at the twilight of the announcement of free education for first year students, the conversion NSFAS loan to a grant for senior students who were funded by the scheme in the 2017 year. We have therefore successfully registered all first year students within the R0 -R350 000 annual total family income cohort. In addition, we managed to increase the subsidy of missing middle students from R351 000 - R600 000. The above is subject to meeting the academic criteria.

Meal & book allowances

The University has uploaded meal allowances for students to access food whilst we are waiting on NSFAS to make funds available to the student account(s). R650 is credited to the qualifying students. We are currently engaged with Rehab and Van Schaik book stores to find a temporary solution on how students are assisted. With that noted, we encourage students to use the library loan books as an temporary relief.

NSFAS funded students without statuses

We are not surprised by the snail-pace that the scheme is employing. However, we are not resting on our laurels- work must be done. We urge all NSFAS students, both previously funded and prospective, to go to SRC Chambers and register their names with the office. The SRC, as led by the President, will take the list to the National office to fast-track the process.


Nelson Mandela University is not immune to the national accommodation crisis. Only 12% of students can be accommodated on campus. We are working with Student Housing and Finance in an attempt to build an additional 3000 on campus. Today, Tuesday 27 February 2018, the Accreditation committee sat and agreed to accredit more beds off-campus to mitigate the influx of students we are faced with. We also call for all University staff, in particular the residence managers and housing personnel, must vacate the rooms in order to create space for post-graduate students. We are also lobbying Finance to top-up the R9 200 for Btech and Advanced diploma candidates.

The Postgraduate Research Studies and NRF has started responding to the applicants. We hope that it will be finalised before the registration period ends in order to help Honours, Masters and Doctoral candidates to be able to unlock off-campus residence statuses as well.


The Fresher's carnival was a great success and we hope that first year students echo our sentiment. We also wish to congratulate the winners of the Campus life festival in the past weekend.

We are dismayed by the plan to collapse the event. We had to invoke a contingency plan to see to it that the latter event continues and concludes. Henceforth we are effectively disbanding the events commitee. Communication inviting students to apply will soon follow. On a lighter, we take full responsibility for the shortsight of the Events committee for not anticipating the rain and possibly secure an enclosed venue beforehand. We therefore sincerely apologise for the inconvenience and promise to take precautionary measures going forward.


We have received the applications and we are processing them. Responses will be received starting from Thursday 1 March 2017. The food bank is being rolled out every Wednesdays and students must collect their food packs from the SRC offices in their respective campuses.

We are engaged on a journey to rebrand the SRC and perhaps attempt to define what it means to be a Mandela student. The SRC, working with the Vice-Chancellor Professor Sibongile Muthwa, and the dean of students Mr Luthando Jack, will have consultative sessions with students in order to listen to their views with the hope that it will culminate to a shared vision for our new generation University.

In conclusion, we wish all our students well in their immediate academic endeavours as test weeks are upon us. To the students who are yet to register for academic and financial reasons: please contact the SRC office and we will work earnestly to champion the student needs. Please attend all lectures and write all assessments until you are registered.

"Let a hundred flowers bloom, hundred school of thoughts contend" Mao ZeDong.



SRC 2018