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The 2017 NMMU SRC interim has convened a successful Constitutional Student Assembly over the past weekend of 19-21 May 2017 in South Campus. 

Monday, 22 May 2017

The purpose of the Assembly was to convene an extensive and inclusive consultative process on the changes necessary on the current weak SRC Constitution. This process was the core business of this 2017 NMMU SRC interim structure as established by Council in December 2016.

The Assembly was attended by Society Chairpersons, Prims and Secretaries of residences, Faculty Representatives, Oppidani representatives, SRC members, Sports Council members, George campus SRC members and students. It was characterized by a robust and healthy environment of debate and engagement by young people which is the lifeblood of our university and the hallmark of our student movement since its inception.

The Assembly made a number of resolutions on what ought to change on the SRC Constitution. Changes ranged from having a completely new electoral system, a gender quota, a different way of recognizing and administering societies, new SRC structures, newly defined SRC powers & functions and many more. All these were outcomes of a disciplined engagement and capacity amongst delegates of being open to a variety of views and streams of thinking to arrive at the wisest approach.

A full report of this successful 2017 Constitutional Student Assembly will be compiled and published to all students next week. In the immediate, resolutions made in the Assembly will form a new SRC Constitution draft that will be published in June 2017. All university stakeholders will be given the last opportunity engage with the new SRC Constitution draft and then it'll be submitted to the university Council for final adoption on 26 July 2017.

The drawing of a Constitution, in its nature, is a historical event. The document we have worked so hard for this whole year will be inherited and referenced to for many generations to come. The next generation will look back to us as their forebears and find comfort in the fact that we did not fail them, we fulfilled our generational mission and we have inspired them to carry the baton forward. We carried our task this past weekend conscious of that reality.

We thank all delegates from the past weekend in the Assembly for being disciplined. We thank all NMMU students for supporting us and constructively criticizing us to the right direction. No worthwhile journey is without challenges but we find comfort in the fact that challenges in their nature are not permanent. We have emerged stronger once again.


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