My Mandela Fund Gives Hope To The Students

By Thulani Zwane - MadibazNews Journalist


Mandela fund refers to an impartial financial assistance, currently grounded and administered by our driven Students’ Representative Council (SRC), that is readily available to aid Nelson Mandela University (NMU) senior students to have their owing tuition fees for the previous years due to unforeseen circumstantial impediments settled.

Tuition debts in the institution have been a prolonging scourge triumphing over the student’s dreams and goals leaving them in distress. Our delegates have then intervened in this matter.

The SRC debt assistance funds provide students with the platform to continue to work for their yearned qualifications while the scheme will facilitate students’ registration by settling their outstanding fees.

Any Nelson Mandela University student with an outstanding balance on their student account qualifies for this funding. However, due to limited funds, some of the applicants may be assisted in a later stage. The SRC Selection Committee will take into consideration the academic year of study, the academic performance, extent of financial need as well as the amount of fees outstanding of the applicant.

When applying, students are required to submit a few important documents together with their application forms. These include proof of income, academic record and proof of income of legal guardian or parent. Application forms are available for collection at the SRC office.

This is the financial breakthrough answering to our dilemma and transcending us to greater heights both financially and academically. This initiative will induce students to utilise the opportunity to excel in their studies. All students will get a response from the SRC by March 2018.



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